• DrParabola

    Matt Rutherford

    The Jungler, and Captain of the Cypher eSports SMITE Team....Read More

  • Arirakus

    Mackenzie Maloney

    Mid laner, co-captain, and manger (kinda)... RAKAKAKAKA *Ahem* kaaa kaaa ...Read More

  • KiwiTiger

    The grill support for Cypher E-Sports...Read More

  • KillYouBack

    Erik Rodriguez

    ADC for Cypher E-Sports. I do what i want....and i get away with it too :)...Read More

  • Chopstx

    Chris Townsend

    Solo Laner for Cypher eSports team.  My passive is "OP!" by the way....Read More

  • LawBringer94

    Brent Mooney

    The mighty wise sub of the Smite Team Cypher. Ever wanted to know where those pro strats might have come from? Well I can tell you! ...Read More

  • Trivial

    Cypher eSports' substitute person for subbing for people when people need subbed....Read More