League of Legends

League of Legends
  • DoesNotAfraid

    Joseph Montagnino

    Profession: Chef Boyardee Soup Art Education: Associates Degree Career: Chair Force Selling soul to the military soon, working at Coldstone in the meantime. Feelsgood.jpg. I love Cheetos, Gatorade, and I also love not having Ebola or AIDS.  ...Read More

  • Thicke

    Trent Ness

    League of Legends Team Jungler. Self proclaimed professional at B-Sports....Read More

  • Ukebae

    Joshua Peet

    My name is Joshua Peet, of Brooklyn, New York, and I am one of the co-creators of Cypher eSports. I play video games quite often, especially League of Legends. For now, I main AD Carry on our League of Legends team. My favorite champion is Twitch, The Plague Rat. Outside of gaming, I'd like to pursue a career in creative writing, so I may publish novels and poetry, or work in writing for video games....Read More