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    What is your In-Game name?


    What is your Age?


    What is your Role In-Game? 



    Favorite God? Favorite God in your role?

    Favorite God - Vulcan

    Favorite God in my role - Thanatos

    Honourable Mention  - Serqet

    Outside of Smite, what are your hobbies/interests?

    I have a interests in streaming, youtube and that kind of thing, Sadly I don't have much time to do it between the team, and work.

    I also have a huge interest in marine biology, and hope to one day have a career in that after I'm finished with Competitive Gaming. 

    What career are you working towards or aspire to be, (if any) outside of competitive gaming?

    Well I guess I somewhat convered that above, didn't I?

    What kind of job/schooling are you involved with alongside your gaming career?

    Currently I am a manager at a local Movie Theater.

    How has being a pro player affected you and your family / friends / personal life?

    After high school, most of my friends either moved or live in a different country, so not much there, and my mother has gotten use to me being on my computer a lot anyways, so it's nothing new for her.

    How has your life developed around gaming?

    When I was a kid, my dad always played Space Invaders. Playing 2 player with him in the basement of the house we had at the time, is probably the first memory I had of gaming. It stuck with me ever since, I had my console days back with the PS1 and N64, then moved onto the Gamecube and PS2. The first console I ever had that was all my own was the Xbox 360, which I absolutely adored at the time. In my mid teens I moved across the country to British Columbia, and that's when I really started getting into PC gaming, and two years ago I found SMITE, which I casually started playing (I never touched, and said I hated MOBA's at the time), and me and Arirakus (Our mid laner), always wanted to make a team, and tried in early 2013, but it didn't work out. So me and him had the idea to try again. Ukebae (League Team), wanted to form a sort of eSports Organization, and Cypher eSports was born.

    What are the biggest struggles/drawbacks to being a competitive gamer?

    Probably losing. You think so negitive about what you did or how you played, but you just have too learn from your mistakes and move onto the next game.

    What are the most rewarding things about being a competitive gamer?

    Honestly, being able to see your team progress and grow, getting better every time you play, they're my friends and even consider them family, seeing them get better makes me happier then I could ever be. 

    How long do you plan on playing games competitively?

    As long as I can, but I will step down when I know the time is right. 

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