TopicWhat are the main steps to Download Chase bank statements to QuickBooks?

  • Tue 2nd Feb 2021 - 9:38pm

    Download Chase bank statements to QuickBooks is a potent instrument for directing business, and the key service is the software's ability to follow income and expenditures and keep accounts in sync by integrating with the bank's software systems. Here are the main steps when Using Web Connect -

    1.Log on to the Chase Online Banking portal.
    2.Click on the "Customer Center" option.
    3.Click on the "Download Now" button.
    4.Click on the "QuickBooks" button and then "Save."
    5.Move to the folder that carries the OFX-formatted file.
    6.Open up QuickBooks on your computer.
    7.Select the "Use an existing QuickBooks account" option when shown.
    8.Go to the "Online Banking" option.

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